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My "Prepping Ointment" was developed after trying EVERY so called "NUMBING AGENT" on the market and finding them all to have disappointing results. I needed a product that could provide pain relief that would allow me to roll my clients; even the ones with absolutely NO PAIN TOLERANCE when using any length of Derma Rollers or my own SkynRollers with minimal pain. The combination of the ingredients and technique of applying the Ointment became the magic solution for me. If you apply the ointment as directed it will achieve a deep numbing feeling to your nerve endings making any length of your roller you choose to be tolerated. 1oz jar

Directions of Use: Apply a thin coat of ointment on a clean skin; wait 5-10 minutes then use your Roller to do a light roll directly on top of the ointment. When finished with your light roll, apply another thin coat on your skin and massage it in. This will allow the product to go deeper into your skin for better pain relief. You can cover the ointment with a saran wrap or plastic covering for deeper penetration. Wait approximately 30 minutes longer for maximum numbing of your nerve ending to occur. You can then do your treatment roll with either the ointment still on the skin or you may choose to wash it off before you roll. After you have finished your complete treatment, you must wash off the ointment. If you washed it off prior to your treatment; I suggest that you wash your face again also. You can follow your roll with a SERUM ( I love the Six Peptides and follow with the Pure Heaven Hyaluronic on top; it's my "go to" combination) that has the ability to go deeper and be more effective now that you have created micro channels all over your skin. The treatment now allows all serums to enter with this new pathway. This is an excellent time to feed your skin. "Food for the Skin❤️Food for the Soul"

Ingredients: Lidocaine,Methylparaben, Glyceryle Monosterarate, Isopropyl Myristate, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Polyoxyl 40 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Proprietary Herbs known to diminish pain, Ethanol. 
1oz     enough for 5-6 treatments

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