Serums after Roll
"Food for the Skin, Food for the Soul" is The Duchess's motto when she is developing products for her skincare line. It is very important to use ingredients that gives new life to our skin; especially during and after her SkynRoller and SkynStamp.
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Small Molecule Collagen
We suggest you use Small Molecule Serum with a .20mm and above to increase any product permeability ..
Small Molecule EGF Factors
Specially formulated serum combines several anti-aging breakthroughs in a single bottle for maximu..
Pure Heaven Hyaluronic 30ml
This powerful age fighter accelerates skin's natural renewal process to visibly diminish li..
Designed mainly to be used on targeted areas such as acne scars, fine lines, and even the ..
PURE Moisture Molecule
The Pure Moisture Molecule will be your "Go To" product when your skin is in need of a nou..